These beautifully designed and handcrafted bracelets are meant to be a positive daily remider or affirmation. They are hand crafted with the utmost care to provide encouragement and comfort on a daily basis. They make wonderful gifts for all ages. Anyone from teenagers who need uplifting to a friend who needs encouragement can benefit from the simplicity that a word bracelet has to offer.


-Handcrafted using glass beads, fine cut crystals, 14 Kt gold filled beads, Czech fire-polished beads, acrylic letter beads
-Size: 6.5 -7 inches unless requested otherwise
-Elastic Stretch
-This bracelet comes with the word stated unless requested otherwise


Customizing Details:
-If you need to customize, simply send us a message and we can add your word to any of our color combinations. Your bracelet will look just like the individual bracelet in the picture, same color combination but with YOUR word!

Caring for your Bracelet:
-Roll your bracelet on and off to preserve elasticity
-Do not wet

Warrior - Word Bracelet